Easy Gourmet Mushroom Pizza Recipe With Caramelized Onion

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  • Easy Gourmet Pizza Recipe
  • Porcini Mushrooms
  • Truffle Oil
  • Roma Tomatoes
  • Red Onion
  • Black Olive
  • Fresh Basil
  • Fresh Garlic
  • White Mushrooms



Don’t let the length of the recipe below worry you; I just give detailed explanations to make this easy for you. It is a super easy recipe but it does take time. If this is the first easy gourmet recipe you are going to try, you should know up front this is much more involved than most of the easy gourmet recipes you’ll find here. Now having said that, you won’t even make pizza sauce in this recipe, you’ll just use sliced tomatoes. In the photo above you see a pizza with mushroom, onion, garlic, black olives, basil and thinly sliced Roma or Italian Plum Tomatoes. That description may sound good enough but the secret to changing this from a good pizza to a gourmet pizza is the ingredients. We soak white mushrooms in truffle oil to enhance their flavor prior to cooking. We added Porcini mushrooms to give the pizza a more exotic range of flavor. This is guaranteed to be like no mushroom pizza you’ve ever had before. You can also see the pizza sitting on a rack so that it can cool for about five minutes prior to being sliced. On the right side you can see the metal pizza peel which is used to remove the pizza from the oven.

This is an easy gourmet mushroom pizza but although it is an easy recipe it will take some time to make. This is a good project for a weekend afternoon. However, if you plan ahead you can make enough dough for four pizzas and put three of the dough balls in the freezer for use on another day when you have less time.

You’ll need some equipment for this such as a pizza cutter because a knife will move your toppings all over and make a mess of your pizza. The most important thing you’ll need is a pizza stone. The pizza stone gives you a crisp crust that won’t be soggy and limp. It is well worth the investment to get a good pizza stone. Originally I made the mistake of using one of the thin, cheap pizza stones and I got only about three or four uses out of it before it broke. I went to remove it from the oven the day after I made a pizza and it broke. I know the rules, you can scrape them off but never use water; it simply broke for no reason. Don’t waste your money on the cheap pizza stones buy one of the thicker high quality pizza stones and you won’t need to buy one again. You will also need a pizza peel, actually two pizza peels. The wooden one allows your pizza to slide into the oven on the pizza stone and the metal pizza peel takes the pizza out of the oven. This gourmet pizza recipe uses more equipment than any other recipe on this website. If you purchase these items once you won’t need to ever buy them again and you’ll also never want pizza unless you make it yourself. Yes it really is that much better than any pizza you’ve ever had before.


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  1. Yeast will bubble after 20 minutes
  2. Stretch dough on wood pizza peel
  3. Put corn meal on wood pizza peel
  4. Move the dough to wood pizza peel
  5. Add pizza toppings
  6. The best pizza recipe in the world

Begin by making the pizza dough and I suggest making enough for four pizzas. I immediately put three dough balls into the freezer wrapped in a clear plastic wrap. Using a permanent marker you may want to write the date on the plastic wrap. I prefer to use an electric mixer but this can be done by hand. If you are doing this by hand you may want to cut this pizza dough recipe in half to make enough for two pizzas.

8 cups of unbleached all purpose flour
1 tablespoon of salt
2 packages of active dry yeast
2-2/3rds cups of water

In a big electric mixing bowl add the flour then push the flour out of the middle and over to the sides so that you have a hole in the middle shaped like a soup bowl. Warm up the water in a microwave for about 30-seconds so that it is warm not hot to the touch. Put the salt and yeast into the warm water and mix it with a fork to get the yeast off the surface of the water. Now pour this into the hole you made in the center of your flour. Leave it there about 20 minutes and you’ll see it will begin to bubble.

2 tablespoons of dried porcini mushrooms
3 Plum/Roma tomatoes
6-8 White mushrooms
small can of sliced black olives
3 cloves of garlic
Package of fresh basil leaves or hand full of basil leaves from your garden
1 cup mozzarella cheese
1/4 cup Parmesan cheese
1/2 red onion

While you are waiting for that to happen you can get your mushrooms ready. Take a small amount of porcini mushrooms, maybe a tablespoon or two and put them in a small bowl with about 1 tablespoons of water and one table spoon of olive oil to rehydrate them. If the pieces are big cut them down to 1/4 to 1/2 inch chunks. They have a very powerful flavor so you don’t need very much. Take about 6-8 white mushrooms and slice them about 1/8 inch thick and put them into a bowl with salt and pepper and two tablespoons of truffle oil, no water. You can use black truffle oil or white truffle oil; both taste amazing. Mushrooms are like sponges and they will absorb the truffle oil so go ahead and add a little more oil if needed. Use the salt and pepper as you would on a salad; you don’t use teaspoons to measure salt and pepper on a salad because you know how much you like. Look at the mushrooms in the bowl and add the amount that looks right according to your own tastes. If you want a measurement here my guess is that I’d use about 1/4 teaspoon of salt and 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of pepper. Now melt about 2 tablespoons of butter in a wide frying pan and then add your mushrooms on medium low heat. We don’t want them to brown we just want them to cook. when you are almost ready to remove them from the heat add the porcini mushrooms and cook about a minute longer. Pour the mushrooms into a strainer or colander so that you can drain away the butter, oil and water that is now in the bottom of the pan. Try not to eat them all while you are going on to the next step. No need to wash the pan, the remaining flavors in the pan will be a great addition to the onion coming up soon.

By this time the dough should be ready so start your mixer and every once in a while turn it off to touch the dough and see how it feels. If it sticks to your finger add more flour. When you add more flour add 1/4 to a 1/2 cup at a time don’t worry about the fact that you may end up with a lot more flour in the pizza dough recipe than you expected. It is normal and it varies depending upon the humidity where you are and other factors. You want the dough to just barely get past the sticky stage and then you are done adding flour. Next let the dough sit right where it is in the mixing bowl but add a little olive oil, just enough to coat the surface of the dough ball and then cover the bowl with clear plastic wrap for 1 hour. After 1 hour the dough should be about doubled in size and now you can turn on the mixer again for a minute or two. Take out the dough ball and shape it to a nice round shape, Take a sharp knife and cut it into four equal parts and wrap 3 in plastic wrap and immediately put them in the freezer. Now take the remaining dough and reshape it into a ball put it back in the bowl and leave it covered for 30 – 45 more minutes to rise again.

This is a good time to work on your red onion. Take half a red onion and slice it into about 1/8 inch thick rings then cut the rings twice so that you have quartered rings. Now add the onion to the same pan the mushrooms were in and give it about 2 tablespoons of olive oil, salt and pepper and keep it on a low to medium heat. We want to caramelize the onions and this can’t be rushed. If you heat it too fast you’ll brown the onions and they won’t be caramelized The heat should be low enough that you don’t see any browning to the onions for 30-45 minutes.

While your onion is caramelizing slice your tomatoes, like everything else about 1/8 inch thick. Take a handful of fresh basil leaves and rip them to pieces about 1/2 inch then mix them around in a bowl with the tomato slices. If you bought whole olives now is the time to slice them into 1/8 inch rings. Cut the garlic into very small pieces and toss them uncooked on the pizza when you add the other ingredients.

easy gourmet pizza recipe

What you have now should look a lot like the photo above. However, in this photo I have not yet mixed the fresh basil in with the tomatoes. Also in this photo I used white onions cooked in olive oil with 1/4 teaspoon of asafetida, an Indian spice also known as hing. You can only find this in Indian grocery stores. The spice by itself prior to cooking smells horrible. Strangely when you add 1/4 teaspoon of this horrible smelling spice to olive oil and slowly cook your onion you will be absolutely amazed at how good this will taste.

In the photo above you can see corn meal on the wooden pizza peel. There is more than one type of corn meal and this is the one with the thick yellow grains. These corn meal grains are like thick sand and they cause the pizza dough to slide around and not stick to the wooden pizza peel. To get the pizza into the oven you never shake the peel back and forth, you quickly wiggle from left to right then tilt and the pizza slides off.

Now preheat the oven to 500 degrees with the pizza stone inside on a bottom shelf. The stone should have 15 to 30 minutes at 500 degrees before the pizza is added.

Now it is time to flatten out the dough on a marble or granite counter. No need to remodel the kitchen if you don’t have that you can do this directly on the pizza peel. Put all purpose flour on the flat surface and press the dough down flat. Push down in the center working your way out constantly turning the flattened out ball until it becomes a wider disc shape. The only place you won’t press down is the outer 1/4 inch of the dough; this part will become the thick crust at the edge of the pizza. Stop flattening it once you see that it is as wide as the pizza peel. Try to keep it as round as possible but keep in mind that it will taste great even if it is a little misshapen. It will even look more authentic if it’s not a perfectly shaped round pizza.

After the oven has been at 500 degrees for at least 15 minutes start adding the ingredients on top of the dough. Be 100% sure that the dough is not stuck to the pizza peel. If it is stuck just remove the dough, add a layer of corn meal to the pizza peel and then put the dough back. Add the tomato slices with basil first covering as much of the surface as possible but don’t get any ingredients on that outer 1/4 inch edge. Next add the two cheeses and then in no particular order add the remainder of the ingredients. Now put the pizza on the pizza stone and check back in about 15 minutes. As soon as you see any of the cheese begin to turn golden remove the pizza and place it on a rack to cool for 5 minutes. Next you can put it back on the wooden pizza peel to slice and enjoy.