Easiest Caviar Recipe In The World


  • Kaluga Caviarbeluga caviar
  • Russian Vodka
  • French Blini – Canape






The Easy Gourmet Recipe website is here to help you serve gourmet meals in the easiest possible way. Maybe you are new to the world of caviar but you’ve heard that it tastes great so you want to give it a try. This might be a great way to get started enjoying caviar without any complications. First if you are going to try caviar there is no reason to start off with something cheap from the local grocery store. Buying cheap caviar may only convince you that you don’t like caviar and then you won’t understand what all the fuss is about over caviar. Also if you don’t buy from a reliable source you might even end up with fake caviar. If you were going to buy the best caviar in the world which one would you buy? Many people say that Beluga caviar is the best caviar in the world. The two problems we have in obtaining Beluga caviar is that it comes from Iran where we have an import embargo and from Russia where the sturgeons have been over fished and are now endangered. Today federal regulations prohibit the sale of Beluga caviar in the United States. Think about this… Suppose that we took some chimpanzees from Africa and raised generations of them in zoos in the United States. Would these chimpanzees no longer be African chimpanzees? They would be genetically identical the the chimpanzees in Africa. This is what has been done with the sturgeons; they are farmed in the United States, China and other places. However, when the caviar from these sturgeons is sold in the USA they cannot be called Beluga caviar. Today we can buy Kaluga caviar which is genetically identical to the Beluga caviar.

Many people say that the best way to eat caviar is with foods that don’t alter or mask the taste of the caviar. Our easiest caviar recipe in the world is to simply buy some Kaluga caviar, French Blini – Canape and Russian vodka. If you prefer you may substitute the Russian vodka with a dry champagne. Slightly warm the French Blini Canapes and with a caviar spoon put the caviar on the French Blini Canapes. Serve with a shot of vodka that was in the freezer for at least an hour or with a nicely chilled dry champagne.

You don’t need the most expensive caviar to make a great impression! Any of the caviar shown on the right will be excellent!