Free Easy Gourmet Recipes

easy gourmet recipesRelax, go get a glass of wine and learn to enjoy cooking some free, easy gourmet recipes. This isn’t about how to make basic foods; it is all about how to make basic foods into something amazing. Here you will learn how to take simple recipes you may have used before and see them in a whole new way. We will use caviar, exotic mushrooms, truffles and truffle oil to change ordinary meals into gourmet meals. Our easy gourmet recipes are nothing more than simple cooking instructions using the finest ingredients. After you’ve used some gourmet recipes from this website you will start to get a feel for how to substitute ingredients in order to make some nice recipes into some amazing recipes. It just takes some time in the kitchen and some practice.

in the beginning don’t substitute anything, follow the directions and use all the ingredients as described in the recipes and you’ll be happy with the results. Later you can experiment and change things so that you have your own culanary creations.

Here is an easy example which is pictured on the left. Instead of having watermelon on a hot summer day have it with white wine. It makes the occasion something special. See, you CAN do this!

We try to avoid recipes that are complex and use techniques that are difficult to master. We also avoid recipes that require hours of your time, nobody has time to spend hours cooking meals. This is the perfect place for people who want to make a great impression without too much effort.

We cater to chickens!

Afraid to go into the kitchen? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Soon you’ll be cooking up the most amazing easy gourmet meals. If you can read and follow simple directions we will help you turn the ordinary into the extraordinary! Welcome to Easy Gourmet Recipes

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